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Drive on Jet Ski Docks

  • Ultra Tough, Polyethylene Construction

  • 2 Bow Rollers

  • Exclusive In-Line Roller Wheel Design

  • Exclusive Bow Bumper

  • Front Or Side Mount Mooring Hardware

  • Anti-skid Walk Area

  • Universal Hull Support

  • Front or Side Mount Capability

  • 12.5’ overall length— designed to accommodate the larger personal water crafts on the market

  • Dual Bow Roller– improved loading and launching feature

  • “Dove Tailed” entrance to provide easier loading of the craft

  • Reduced entry angle for smoother access onto the HP2XL

This Jet Ski Drive On floating dock adds a safe harbor for your one, two, or three seater personal watercraft! Docking is easy with the unique bow bumper to slow your craft’s forward motion and also provides a soft rest for the keel. Launching is a breeze with the in-line rollers – just roll off and you are ready

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The H2 personal water craft drive-on allows for easy docking of your jet ski or other PWC. The port is designed to slow your jet ski as you drive on as well as provide a soft rest for the keel. The keel guide can be adjusted to best fit your craft. Launching is just as easy! Hop on, roll off, and be on your way!

Why choose this jet ski port?

There are several different brands of ports out there.  You will NEVER see us carry a port that doesn’t have some type of rollers, because docks without rollers just simply tear up jet skis (the gel coat especially!) and are down right hard to get off of once you get them on.  When you look at docks with rollers, each are designed a bit different.  We have found that this port sits up high enough to keep your ski out of the water, and furthermore, makes your ski easy to launch by the way the rollers are placed.

This jet ski port is manufactured by Hydrohoist, a long time manufacturer of high end boat lifts.

Dana, one of our owners, stands a statuesque 5’1″ tall.  This drive-on jet ski dock is “Dana Approved” because even she can get a large ski off of this one by herself with little effort.

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