Spring Floating Dock Cleaning

Floating Dock in SpringAs the trees begin to bloom and our grass begins to green again, people start thinking about summer and their floating dock.

How do I “spring clean” my floating dock?

Well my friend, if you have purchased your dock from The Floating Dock Shop, life is easy.  You see, you bought the most low-maintenance floating dock on the planet!

While we haven’t developed a self-cleaning floating dock just yet (it’s in the works–no worries!), a handy pressure washer and a broom is all you will need to open your dock for the season!

Our three main decking choices are all pressure-washer friendly, and even our ironwood floating docks will clean right up quickly.  Use the broom to brush out the cob-web or two and volia–last one is a….well you know the rest!

Contact us to inspect your anchoring system for your dock so that we can make sure your floating dock stays exactly where we want it! Oh, and Capt’n Ron said that if you just can’t bear the thought of wielding your own pressure washing wand, he can scare up one of his mates to do the heavy work for you!

We also have lots of dock accessories in our online store!  Go shopping today to dress up your floating dock for spring!

Happy Spring Floating Dock Cleaning!

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