Kayaking through Louisiana

One of the great things about living in Louisiana is that we truly are a Sportsman’s Paradise. Whether you are a hunter, an avid fisherman, love to be on the water, or just a general outdoor enthusiast, there akayak and canoe dockre limitless possibilities for you to enjoy in Louisiana.

In recent years, there has been resurgence in the interest in kayaking and canoeing. This is definitely now apparent on the waterways and bayous of South Louisiana. You can even pick up an entry level kayak for a few hundred bucks at your local big box discount store. With paddle, a life vest, a small ice chest for snacks and drinks, and a fishing pole, you have a budget conscious physically active hobby that allows you to see some of the prettiest spots in our little piece of Cajun paradise.

Kayaking and Canoeing, known as “paddling” to insiders, is great for all ages and ability levels. Of course paddlers need to obey boating laws, and always wear a life jacket. Remember too, that when in a kayak or canoe, you are the smaller boat and need to yield to larger boats on the water.

Entry into the sport is very easy. You can join groups or go it on your own. Tie that kayak to the top of your car, and within a 10 minute drive from Youngsville, you can be on the Vermilion, where the Bayou Vermilion District in concert with the Vermilion Foundation and The Floating Dock Shop have provided three terrific launching points at Vermilionville, the Camellia Street Bridge park (near River Ranch), and Southside Park, all free for public use.

The docks feature a kayak assist launch feature where there is a partially floating section that allows you to put your kayak on it, sit in your kayak, and the launch automatically sinks under your weight, allowing the kayak to float off. This is a great feature for beginners. The designers of the dock even remembered that canoes might need a bit of assistance, and cut in a slip for canoes with an assist bar to
hold on to for stability while you board your canoe. It’s never been a better time to enjoy what Louisiana has to offer in outdoor venues, especially your own back yard.

Try paddling today.

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