Aluminum Dock Specifications

Floating Dock Specifications:

Specifications for Wahoo Docks

Scope of work

Wahoo Docks, Gainesville GA (770-532-8411) provides prefabricated aluminum floating dock systems according to the following specifications.

The following specifications shall be regarded as minimum standards for the design and construction of floating dock systems fabricated by Wahoo Docks.

I. Design load conditions:

A. Vertical loads

a) Dead load shall consist of the entire weight of the floating structure, including utilities, shelters, dock boxes and other accessories and appurtenances.

b) Deck surface and structural frame dead load shall be equal to 15 PSF applied to the full surface area of the deck.

c) Floatation.

i. Floatation shall be designed to support the dead load plus 35.0 PSF live load to the full area of the deck surface .

ii. Floatation Units shall be designed to provide 14.5 inches of freeboard under dead loads only, and shall maintain their desired buoyancy and freeboard even if structurally damaged.

iii. Connections of floatation units shall be designed so that the floating dock acts as a unit. One unit shall not deflect without adjacent deflecting and no vertical slip shall occur between units when deflecting. A rigid system is required which will neither rack nor twist in torsion.

iv. Additional floatation shall be added to the floating docks where needed to support the gangway load without producing undue distortion in the floating structure.

d) Deck surface shall withstand a concentrated vertical load of 50 PSF applied to the full surface area of the deck.

B. Horizontal loads

a) A uniform horizontal wind loading from any direction shall be equal to 150 PSF with a safety factor.

b) A horizontal load due to impact on a finger dock which shall be the result of the largest berthed craft normally using the adjacent slip striking the end at 10 degrees off the center-line of the finger dock. For purposes of calculations, the weight of the largest craft shall be considered to be 15,000 pounds. A craft shall be considered moving at speed of 3 feet per second.

II. Materials and conditions minimum requirement

A. Floatation: floatation units shall consist of a pre-molded high density polyethylene shell with foamed in place polystyrene floatation. Floatation Units shall be of one piece rotational-molded construction with reinforced wall thickness to maintain shape.

All high density polyethylene products shall meet the following standards:

Nominal Values

Minimum Thickness (inches)

0.125 (?)

59 (?) LBS. PSF

Ultimate Tensile Strength
2600 PSI

Vicant Softening Temperature
+240 °F

Brittleness Temperature
-180 °F

Flexure Modulus


B. Aluminum:

a) Design of the aluminum members shall conform to the current edition of the Aluminum Association Specification for Aluminum Structures.

b) Aluminum welding shall be in accordance with the ANSI/AWS D1.2-97 gas metal arc welding process and shall be performed by experienced operators.

c) All exposed surfaces and their welded joints shall be smooth and free of sharp or jagged edges.

C. Dock Structure:

a) Structure aluminum frames shall be 8″ x 2 1/4″ x 3/16″ C-channel 6000 Series Aluminum extrusions. All aluminum alloys 600 series used in the mainframe shall be extruded in accordance with applicable sections of Federal Specification QQ-A-200.

b) Gussets support shall be applied to all major stress points. All fasteners shall be Stainless Steel type 18-8 ( Grade 304).

D. Decking:

a) Aluminum, Wood Plastic Composite, Iron wood, Concrete Pavers or Penetrating light Vinyl shall be primary decking materials.

i) Aluminum decking shall be 1″ x 6″ non-slip, seamless extruded aluminum with a minimum coefficient of friction of 0.75 wet / 0.93 dry. Aluminum decking shall have anti-skid paint applied to entire surface.

ii) Wood plastic Composite and Wood decking shall be secured to the dock framework with #14 stainless steel deck screws.

E. Roofing:

a) 8″ x 2 1/4″ x 3/16″ C-channel 6000 series Aluminum extrusions shall be used in roofing structure.

b) 2 ” x 2 ” x 1/8″ tubular aluminum shall be used in roof support purlins.

c) 3″ x 3″ x 1/8″ tubular aluminum shall be used in vertical supports.

F. Anchoring:

a) Dock anchorage connection shall be designed to handle a predetermined size pole/piling or cable/anchor system.

b) Poles and/or cabling shall be stainless steel.

G. Cleats:

a) Cleats shall be aluminum castings conforming and shall be 8 ” in length.

b) Cleats shall be designed to withstand a mooring line load of 2,500 pounds in any direction.

c) All mounting hardware to be AISI 18-8 grade stainless steel.

H. Dock Bumpers:

a) Dock bumpers shall be a minimum of 3.0 inches across and shall be extruded vinyl, black in color, meeting the following requirements:
Nominal Values

Durometer Hardness

89 (?)

Specific Gravity


100% Modular Strength

600 PSI

Brittleness Temperature
10 °F


I. Railing:

a) 1″ x 1″ x 1/8″ and 3″ x 3″ x 1/8″ tubular aluminum shall be used as pickets and post respectively.

b) Aluminum used shall be baked-enamel painted from mill.

J. Gangway:

a) Pre-stressed arches design shall be applied to gangway design.

b) 2″x 2″x 1/8″ 6000 series tubular aluminum shall be used.

c) Piano hinge shall be 2″ schedule 80 pipe with 1 1/2″ sch 80 hinge pin.

III. Warranty:

A. Design: Dealer Installed – 20 years
Kit Dock – 2 years
Commercial – 5 years

B. Floats: Ten year limited

C. Roofing: 20 year factory warranty

D. Decking materials:

a) Aluminum: Ten years

b) Composite: As per manufacturer

c) Iron Wood: 25 years

d) Concrete pavers: none

e) Penetrating light Vinyl: 10 years