Floating Jet Ski Dock Anchoring

There are 3 ways that we most commonly anchor Floating Jet Ski Docks:

1. Independently

Simply put, the floating jet ski dock is not attached to any other dock.

Connect-A-Port has molded holes in the front and sides of the port.  A 2.5″ diameter pipe fits through the holes perfectly.

Most commonly, we install close to an existing standing dock, where you just hop off of your dock onto the port and launch your jet ski for hours of fun!

This application works best in tidal areas and areas with a high water variation from normal pool to flood.


2. Connected to a Fixed Dock

  • In this method, the anchor pipes, not the jet ski, are attached to the fixed dock.  It is a method very similar to #1.
  • One caution in this method, if you have a water variation that causes the water to rise above your fixed dock at high water, you will not be able to launch your ski, and the port may bind in such a manner that the anchoring may fail.
  • We recommend this only in situations where the variation in water levels is low.
floating dock fixed dock attachment for floating jet ski dock




3. Connected to a Floating Dock

Connect-A-Port has a front mount or a side mount option to connect to floating docks.

A hinge mounted through the molded holes attaches to a plate mounted to your floating dock that allows both the port and your dock to be attached, yet move independently.  This is important, as you do not want your floating dock to pitch as you dock your jet ski.

floating dock floatingsidemountattachment