The Great Dock Migration

“By George, what is that going down my river? That guy is simply off his rocker, what is he driving? Is it a house? Is it a dock? Is it a floating dock migrationboat?”

“Why, I’m glad you asked.  It is merely the Great Dock Migration.”

“The what?”

Ok, we are just being silly here, but this is a real photo of us moving a dock down a private canal.

Many people often ask us what happens when they don’t have a lot of space for heavy equipment and dock building on their waterfront.  It may be a case of you living in a subdivision where you can touch your neighbor’s house with a broomstick, or it may just be that you have a pretty remote site with a cliff.

We simply build at the nearest accessible site, attach our trusty little outboard motor to the dock, and “volia” we have the Great Dock Migration!  So before you think you just can’t have a floating dock where you are, think again!  We have ways of making it happen!

Happy Dock Building!

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