Help BP Oil Spill Victims

As a Louisiana-based company, you might not be shocked to hear we are both upset and angry at BP for what their neglegence has done to our way of life.  As a floating dock company that does work locally and nationally, we will survive this onslaught, but our hearts go out to the people of the coast who make their money fishing for Louisiana seafood of all types.

These people are being ravaged financially, and are literally unable to feed and house their families.  While everyone is busy playing BP Oil Spillpolitics, blaming whoever, or at best, rescuing pelicans, the fisher-people of Louisiana are starving and unheard. These people and their families are hurting—NOW, and are not being helped by any government agency or BP in any way other than being made to fill out forms and wait.  Their best hope is to work in the toxic spill cleanup without proper safety or protective gear in long days, record heat, for less than what they were making when they worked on their boats.

We have found a local nonprofit comprised of retired fishermen and those related to fishermen in South Louisiana that means to collect and distribute 100% of the money collected from their fund raising efforts to deck hands, dock workers, fish processing workers, and all the little guys that are falling through the cracks, literally starving and not being able to pay rent or basic necessities, while the politics rage on.

The organization is called Horizon Relief .  You can either just make a donation or purchase a limited edition numbered bottle of oil-soaked sand from the area.  The Floating Dock Shop and all of its employees say kudos to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and creator, for stepping up to the plate to help those without a voice in this disaster!

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