About Us

The Floating Dock Shop is made up of a motley krewe (yes, we are all from Louisiana!) with way too much training and experience in their fields.

We all got together and decided to do something fun, and give ourselves an excuse to hang out with the type of people that enjoy being on the water. One main catch, we get to be on the water full time!

So we figured, “sha, we need to pool (yes, see the water reference?) our experience and git these peeps sumthin to git on the bayous and ponds wit that won’t go under wen the spring floods come.”

Yea, we are all cajun, and some of us actually talk like dat.

So here we are:

Ronnie Bennett, Dockman
Ronnie Bennett, OwnerHis 25 years in commercal construction and electrical work came to a point of realization when he graduated UOP a tish bit later in life than most college grads. He realized it’s time to not only work, but love what you do. Along came his buddy with this interesting proposal that resulted in what you see now. Now he loves his “job” because it’s not a job, it’s fun!
 Scott Lvingston, floating dock guy
Scott Livingston, Chief ConsultantAKA, Ron’s “buddy” with the grand idea for this venture. He also has a degree in busines from LSU (Geaux Tigers) and brings another 25 years of construction and engineering to the table. Scott has also been in the boating industry for several years and loves to sport a year-round tan that comes from working with people who float on docks a lot!
Dana Bennett
Dana Bennett, CIO She utilizes her 18 years and 3 college degrees in the computer field to make this website look like this and make sure the bills get paid. Don’t put it past her to turn a wrench on the job, or at least pretend like she is while she enjoys the great views off of our floating docks on some of our jobsites